Degree Requirements

"ANTH 1120 6.0 Making Sense of the Modern World" is a Social Science General Education course. If you decide to become an Anthropology major, all six credits count towards your Anthropology program requirements (BUT, you must take another Social Science General Education course to meet that degree requirement. ANTH 1120 CANNOT be used to meet both requirements).

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Note:  Please be sure to review the program requirement information as you plan your programme of study each year.

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  • In brief, the credit requirements for the different options are:
  • Minor in anthropology: 30 credits out of 120.
  • Major in anthropology: 30 credits out of 90.
  • Honours major in anthropology: 42 credits out of 120.
  • Double major: linked (36) or unlinked (42) credits out of 120.
  • Specialized Honours Major: 54 credits out of 120.

For assistance in selecting another major for this year, please set up an advising appointment with Faculty of Liberal Arts & Professional Studies Academic Advising Centre.