Degree Options

We offer:

Anthropology (BA)

  • Specialized Honours BA: 120 Credits
  • Honours BA: 120 Credits
  • Honours Double Major BA
  • Honours Double Major Interdisciplinary (Linked) BA
  • Honours Major/Minor BA
  • Honours Minor BA
  • BA: 90 Credits
The iBA degree program reflects York's commitment to internationalization and requires students to acquire an international language and to gain international experience on exchange at one of York University's partner institutions abroad. Students benefit from enhanced interdisciplinary and cross-cultural knowledge, which are important components of the department's academic focus.
  • Honours iBA: 120 Credits
  • Honours Major/Minor iBA
Medical Anthropology provides an anthropological perspective on health and illness processes and the socio-cultural factors that shape the experience of illness, patterns of health and disease, and access to health care services. Medical anthropology uniquely studies both cross-cultural and biomedical systems of healing.
  • Honours Minor BA: a minimum of 30 credits
  • The Honours Minor in Medical Anthropology may be combined with any approved Honours BA program that offers a major/minor option in the Faculties of Environmental Studies (Bachelor of Environmental Studies – BES), Health, Liberal Arts and Professional Studies, Science, the School of the Arts, Media, Performance & Design, or the Lassonde School Engineering. For further details on requirements, refer to the listings for specific Honours programs that may be pursued jointly with other Faculties.
The Minor/Certificate offers training that employs anthropological perspectives that bridge the academic and non-academic sectors. Recognizing the value of anthropological insights and methods for solving today’s complex social, economic, and environmental topics, the program offers a choice of theoretical informed perspectives on issues and movements related to mental health/disability, the environment, human rights, reproductive rights, refugees/migration, First Nations, race/racism, gender and sexuality. Throughout the program, emphasis is placed upon high impact experiential education (EE) training, including ethnographic community based research and a capstone work placement in an non-governmental organization (NGO) or civil society association context.
  • Honours (Minor/Major) BA Program in Advocacy & Public Engagement (30 credits)
  • This honours minor/certificate program in Applied or “Engaged” Anthropology requires 30 credits of which 24 credits are required courses. The program provides two high impact Experiential Education Community Based Research opportunities in which the applied anthropology skill set can be applied in real world context. There is one required course at each year level (2 through 4) plus an additional work placement capstone experience.

Note: in a major/minor program, a course may count only once toward major credit or minor credit.
Minor credits: a minimum of 30 credits in the minor, including at least three credits at the 4000-level.