Undergraduate Program

Welcome to the Department of Anthropology. We offer Bachelors (BA), Honours BA, International Honours BA, and a variety of minor, major/minor and double major degree programs. Please follow the links to learn more.

To provide focus to our course offerings, we have organized specialization programs in the following areas:

Minor and Certificate Programs

We have recently launched two new Minor and Certificate programs in:

Public Anthropology

Public Anthropology can be pursued as a minor or certificate program. Public Anthropology affirms the role of students and scholars as active citizens, community leaders, and partners in empowerment. It draws on the Department’s long-standing strengths in Applied Anthropology, or Public Anthropology as it is more generally known today. This sub-field encourages student activism by offering a critical, cross-cultural perspective on major public issues, and demonstrates how to effect change by drawing on political forces outside the discipline.

Medical Anthropology

Medical Anthropology can be pursued as a minor or certificate program. Medical Anthropology provides an anthropological perspective on health and illness processes and the socio-cultural factors that shape the experience of illness, patterns of health and disease, and access to health care services. Medical anthropology uniquely studies both cross-cultural and biomedical systems of healing.