Faculty List of Accomplishments

List of Accomplishments (PDF)


Othon, Alexandrakis

2019 "Rethinking Social Resistance Through the Consolidating Politics of Humanitarian Populism in Mytilene, Greece." Indiana Journal of Global Legal Studies 26, no. 1: 173-98.

Denielle, Elliott

2018-19: Reimagining Science and Statecraft in Postcolonial Kenya: Stories from an African Scientist. London: Routledge Press. (Book)

2019: Epidemiology, the Media, and Vancouver’s Public Health Emergency: A Critical Ethnography, In Social Science and HIV/AIDS: Critique, Research and Engagement, edited by Eric Mykhalovskiy and Viviane Namaste. Vancouver: UBC Press. (Book Chapter)

Shubhra, Gururani

2019 “Cities in a world of villages: Tracking the urban through the agrarian,” Urban Geography. (Journal Article – Accepted for publication)

2019 “Designed to Fail”: Technopolitics of Sewage in India’s Urban Periphery.” In Global Suburban Infrastructure. Ed. Pierre Fillion. Toronto. Toronto: University of Toronto Press. (Book Chapter)

2018 “When Land Becomes Gold: Political Ecology of the Commons in an urbanizing frontier.” In Land Rights, Biodiversity Conservation and Justice: Rethinking parks and people. Co-Editors: Sharlene Mollett and Thembela Kepe. Pages 107 -125. Routledge. Taylor and Francis Group. (Book Chapter)

Zulfikar, Hirji

2019 Opinion Piece (OP-ED) "To humanize Muslims, let’s start in the classroom” Opinion Editorial Section, Globe & Mail (March 26)

2018 Co-Authored Book: Islam: An Illustrated Journey, Farhad Daftary & Zulfikar Hirji. Azimuth Editions in Association with the Institute of Ismaili Studies. [ISBN: 1898592357].

Kenneth, Little

Book: (Accepted for Publication)Forthcoming On The Nervous Edge of an Impossible Paradise: Affect, Tourism, Belize, London and New York: Berghahn Press, Publishing date February 2020.

Daphne, Winland

2019 “Diaspora Policies, Social Protection in Croatia: Country Report” London: Springer Pub.

2018 Special Journal Issue (Co-edited)  “Unsettling Canada at 150: Memory Discourses in Transnational Contexts”. Citizenship Studies. Jenny Wustenberg, Michael Nijhawan, Daphne Winland, 22#4

2018 “Introduction: Contesting Memory and Citizenship in Canada” co-authored with Michael Nijhawan and Jenny Wustenberg. Citizenship Studies. Volume 22#4:345-357, Refereed

2019 “Harnessing Potential”: Citizenship and Development in post EU Croatia” Submitted for review, Nationalities Papers

2019 “Lachrymosity, victimhood and the transnational politics of memory” Submitted to Memory Studies

Conferences, Presentations & Invited Lectures

Othon, Alexandrakis

“Street Art and Resistance in Athens”. Invited Lecture. International Center for Hellenic and Mediterranean Studies. Athens, Greece. March 29, 2019.

“Rethinking Intercultural Communication though Humanitarian Response: Notes from the Field on Safety and Care.” Invited Lecture. METAdrasi. Athens, Greece. May 24, 2019.

“Thinking Anthropologically: A Toolkit to Help Navigate A Changing World.” Seminar series for unaccompaniedminors. Hosted by METAdrasi. Athens, Greece. October 2018—May, 2019.

Shubhra, Gururani

2019 “Between a Rock and a Hard Place: Charting Ecologies of Ruination” Paper presented in the Sub/urban Ecologies Workshop, University of Amsterdam. February 25

2019 “Life and Death of Ghata Jheel: Arid Hydrology of an Agrarian-Urban Frontier.” Paper presented in the Department of Anthropology, University of Toronto, Scarborough. March 20

2019 “Cities in a World of Villages: Agrarian Urban Transformation in India’s Urbanizing Frontiers.” Paper to be presented in American Association of Geographers. Washington. DC. April

Zulfikar, Hirji

2019 Public Lecture Panel: Islamic Arts: Multiple Histories, Multiple Expressions
Zulfikar Hirji, Venetia Porter, Vivek Gupta and Sussan Babaie in conversation with William Dalrymple (June 16)
#ZEEJLFatBL : Islamic Arts : Multiple Histories, Multiple Expressions

2019 Public Lecture Panel: Islam: Multiple Histories
Panelists: Rana Safvi, Salman Khurshid and Zulfikar Hirji in conversation with Max Rodenbeck (January 24)

Kenneth, Little

2019 "Parca's Picks: Stuck and Unstuck by Numbers in the Tourist State of Belize" Critical Tourism Studies 8: Pride and Prejudice: Que(e)ring Tourism Hope, University of the Balearic Islands, Eivissa, Ibiza, Spain June 24-28. Refereed

2018 “Parca’s Picks: Affective Intensities of an Emergent Sociality Conjured through the Seductions of Numbers” Association of Social Anthropology of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, University of Oxford, Oxford, UK, September 18-21. Refereed

2018 “Encounters in Blue on a Beach in Belize or the Light that Gets Lost at its Distant Edges,” Association of Social Anthropology of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, University of Oxford, Oxford, UK, September 18-21. Refereed

2018 “Into the Blue” Panel Title: Cultures of the Sea, 15th European Association of Social Anthropology (EASA) Biennial Conference, Stockholm University, Stockholm, Sweden, August 14-17. Refereed

2018 Invited Discussant, “Life Unfolds”, Panel, “Ordinary Life Unfolds: Politics Affect and Futurity in Tourism Encounters in Cuba and Costa Rica,” Chair: Adriana Piscitelli, Latin American Studies Association (LASA), Barcelona, Spain, May, 23-27.

2018 Invited Discussant, “Haptics, a Revisit”, Panel, Who’s Afraid of the Synthetic? Exploring New Directions in Sensory Visual Ethnography,” Chairs: Kiven Stroam and Alexandrine Boudreault-Fournier, XIX International Sociological Association (ISA), Toronto, Ontario, July 15-21.

 David, Murray

2019 Traverser Les Frontières Sexuelles: Genre et Sexualité en Migration. Conference, Paris, France. June : “Liberation Nation? Queer Refugees, Homonationalism and the Necropolitical State. Invited Paper

2018 American Anthropological Association Annual Meetings, San Jose, California November 2018. : “It’s all about me: Individualism and Culture in HIV Support Groups” Paper

2018 Latin American Studies Association Meeting, Barcelona, Spain. May 2018 : “Victim Interruptus? Challenges in the Production of Queer Ethnographic  Research and HIV+ Latinx Communities in Toronto”. Paper

Sandra, Widmer

Invited Talk, "Well-Being for Melanesia": Alternative Indicators, Local Expertise and Women's Pregnancy Care in Vanuatu, McMaster

Talk/Workshop The Centre for Technology, Innovation and Culture at the University of Oslo called: Digital Infrastructures and the Public Good. My paper was: Achieving Post-Industrial Bodies: Direct to Consumer Microbiome Tests and Reproductive Labour.

Organized Panel 4S Conference in Sydney called Metabolic Relations, Subjects, Differences

Co-organized Panel Pacific History Meetings in Cambridge called: Health and Labour after the Pacific War: Pacific Islanders and Medical Infrastructure

Daphne, Winland

2019 “Sovereignty from Afar: Transnational Populism in Croatia” Council for European Studies, Madrid, Spain June 20-22

2019 “Lachrymosity, victimhood and the politics of memory among diasporic Jewish and Croatian scholars”. Memory Studies Association, Madrid, Spain June 25-28

2019 “Victimhood, state violence and the archive: Israel and Croatia compared”
Violence, Space and the Archives National University of Ireland, Galway, May 23-24

2018 “Offensive ideology: violent pasts in post-transition Croatia” American Anthropological Association, San Jose, California November 14-17

2018 "High Value" Citizens and the Transnational Ethnic Advantage in CroatiaCouncil for European Studies, Chicago, March 27-30

2018 “Is Populism the New Nationalism? Ethnographic Reflections on a Loaded Term”
Divided Societies, Inter-university Centre, Dubrovnik, Croatia

Research Awards

Othon, Alexandrakis

2019 York University LA&PS Faculty Council Minor Research Grant (MRG). Project: Critical Humanitarianism: Precarious Pathways and Disruptive Sanctuary in Greece. Support for Research Assistant conducting archival work in Athens, Greece. Awarded May 24, 2019.

Denielle, Elliot

2018 Principal Applicant, Neurological Imaginaries: Ethnography with/of Arts, Affect and Brain Injuries, Social Science and Humanities Research Council. ($67,000) 

David, Murray

2018-22 SSHRC Insight Grant ($97,600). Project Title: Anachronic: The Moral Lives of HIV in Post-Crisis Barbados

2018-20 SSHRC Insight Development Grant ($39,572). Project Title: Still Poz, Still Queer, Still Here: Long Term HIV+ Queer Men in the Age of Treatment (1996-2018)

Sandra, Widmer

SSHRC Insight Development Grant Title: Eating for Trillions: The Social Live of Direct to Consumer Microbiome Tests. This project explores how users and producers of this test perceive and enact personhood, bodeis, environment and health. It aims to situate this test in the political and economic landscape of personalized/precision medicine and the quantified self in Canada.
SSHRC IDG for 2 years of funding for new research


Othon, Alexandrakis

Current - Project: Critical Humanitarianism: Precarious Pathways and Disruptive Sanctuary in Greece.
Location and Duration: Athens and Lesvos, Greece (September 2018—June 2019)
Funding: SSHRC Insight Development Grant; York MRG

Ken, Little

Ongoing - Active ethnographic research in Belize: “John McAfee in Belize: Expat Heart of Darkness and the Minor Cruelties of Paradise”.

Daphne, Winland

2018 Research Report – “Country Report: Diaspora Policies, Social Protection in Croatia ”. MiTSoPro, European Research Council, University of Liege, Belgium

2018- Present Research Collaborations- Navigating citizenship and belonging in post-socialist Croatia: populism and the public good. Collaborative Project involving faculty at the University of Zagreb and the University of Rijeka ethnographically exploring the pressures of navigating the rising tide of populism in Croatia.