Anthropology, Islam & Muslim Societies (ANTH 3570)

Islam is a faith that is practised today by over a billion people whose traditions and civilisations are rich and diverse. So how do we study Islam and Muslims? And what do Muslims have to say about their own traditions and life-worlds?

This 6-credit seminar course introduces students to the Islamic tradition, past and present. It uses case studies from Arabia, the Mediterranean, the Middle East, North Africa, sub-Saharan Africa, South Asia, Central Asia, China, the Americas and Europe.

There is also a focus on the multiple ways Muslims express themselves including through writing, art, architecture, music, and social and cultural institutions.

The course does not shy away from the many difficult questions that are asked of Muslims everyday and that Muslims themselves are asking. It explores many different Muslim and non-Muslim voices that speak for and about Islam, including social and cultural anthropologists.

Thursdays at 2:30pm-5-30pm

Course Director: Zulfikar Hirji

Anthropology, Islam & Muslim Societies (ANTH 3570) Poster (PDF)