Graduate Program

Pedagogy and Public Anthropology

Please join us for the next Public Anthropology Collaboratory meeting on Tuesday February 13th from 10AM-12PM at York University, HNE 230, (Health, Nursing and Environmental Studies Building, see, focusing on the theme of  Pedagogy and Public Anthropology, facilitated by Karl Schmid.

In a sprit of sharing and brainstorming, the upcoming meeting of the Public Anthropology Collaboratory will serve to cross-fertilize good ideas, materials, and perspectives on public anthropology pedagogy.

At this upcoming meeting, the first round of discussion will focus on what models or practices of engagement we want to share with students. These can be our own approaches or those inspired by others. In the second round, we will think about what students are seeking from engaged programs, and how we might effectively prepare them for related employment and public engagement. In the third round we can share assignment and evaluation strategies, as well as valuable readings and resources.

Karl will be uploading his most recent Public Anthropology syllabus to the dropbox folder. If you have syllabi that you would like to share, please add them to dropbox in advance of the meeting. If you require access to the dropbox folder, please email
About the Public Anthropology Collaboratory (PAC):

The PAC provides a space for peer-mentorship, support and training for graduate students and faculty in the Department of Anthropology at York University. The focus of the Collaboratory is to support the development of projects and pedagogies that have a public dimension. This group aims to both explore and expand what is meant by the term “Public Anthropology” and what it means for research, teaching and community engagement. The PAC thus provides a space for those interested in sharing their skills and for those interested in developing new skills.

The PAC supports the development of public anthropology projects in a variety of forms, including but not limited to: community-led and participatory action research on social justice issues; the formation of NGOs or advocacy work with communities; outreach campaigns that expand anthropology’s publics; and research-creation projects in film, art, or performance that generate new media for anthropological inquiry and expression.

Faculty and graduate students interested in expanding their projects to incorporate a public dimension, or those who have any related experience or interest in public anthropology, are invited to join the Collaboratory.

If you have any questions about the PAC, please contact the Collaboratory’s RA, Meredith Evans at, or the Collaboratory’s convener, Natasha Myers (