Weaver-Tremblay Award

Prof. Emeritus Margaret Critchlow wins Weaver-Tremblay Award

Prof. Margaret Critchlow has been awarded the prestigious Weaver-Tremblay Award by the Canadian Anthropological Association. The Weaver-Tremblay Award in Canadian Applied Anthropology is named after two of Canada's most-renowned applied anthropologists and has been awarded since 1994. Prof. Critchlow has done extensive research in Vanuatu, including nine  fieldwork trips studying customary land tenure, colonial history, and development issues, among other topics. Her publications include three books on Vanuatu, Masters of Tradition (1987, University of British Columbia Press), Deep Water (1989, Westview Press), and Houses Far From Home (2001, University of Hawaii Press). A collaborative book written with Vanuatu women, House-girls Remember (2007), gives voice to women who worked as maids in the colonial era. Recently, Dr. Critchlow has been working on co-housing projects in Canada, exploring new ways for living and thriving in communities.

Prof. Critchlow is the second department member to win this award. Prof. Penny Van Esterik won the award in 2007.