We offer comprehensive and engaging programs of study focusing on four topical areas.

  • Gender, Health & the Body These courses focus on the social and cultural diversity in gender, sexuality, and healing systems in the global context. Topics covered in these courses include: Disability, Global Health, Mental Health, Food and Nutrition, Medical Systems and Gender & Sexuality.
  • Power, Politics, & Development Understand the complex social and cultural impacts of alternate political and economic systems across the full expanse of human history. Topics covered in these courses include:  Political Economy, (Post) Colonialism, Economics, Nationalism, Diaspora and Trans-nationalism, Policy, Advocacy & Social Movements.
  • Studies in Culture and Performance Learn and appreciate how visual and cultural media express ethnicity, racism, gender, and sexuality through public performances. Topics covered in these courses include:   Public Culture, Gender, Sexuality, Race, Racism, Ethnicity, Media, Visual Culture, Tourism.
  • Nature, Science & Religion What is understood by nature? How is it differentiated from culture? Anthropology contributes to the rethinking of the nature-culture divide in current religious and scientific debates around the world. Topics covered in these courses include:  Science, Technology, Religion, Nature, Environments

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