Undergraduate Program

We offer a Bachelors (BA), Honours BA, International Honours BA, and a variety of minor, major/minor and double major degree programs.

Expand your anthropological education by studying abroad in our iBA (international BA) program, through the York International Internship Program or, by taking our International Field School in Greece.

We offer comprehensive and engaging programs of study focusing on four topical areas.

  • Gender, Health & the Body These courses focus on the social and cultural diversity in gender, sexuality, and healing systems in the global context. Topics covered in these courses include: Disability, Global Health, Mental Health, Food and Nutrition, Medical Systems and Gender & Sexuality.
  • Power, Politics, & Development Understand the complex social and cultural impacts of alternate political and economic systems across the full expanse of human history. Topics covered in these courses include:  Political Economy, (Post) Colonialism, Economics, Nationalism, Diaspora and Trans-nationalism, Policy, Advocacy & Social Movements.
  • Studies in Culture and Performance Learn and appreciate how visual and cultural media express ethnicity, racism, gender, and sexuality through public performances. Topics covered in these courses include:   Public Culture, Gender, Sexuality, Race, Racism, Ethnicity, Media, Visual Culture, Tourism.
  • Nature, Science & Religion What is understood by nature? How is it differentiated from culture? Anthropology contributes to the rethinking of the nature-culture divide in current religious and scientific debates around the world. Topics covered in these courses include:  Science, Technology, Religion, Nature, Environments